Research Examples

Examples of work done by i2k:

  • Some results are simple summaries of information/ insights that we have gathered on a subject.
  • For other projects, the information/ analysis was incorporated directly in the clients’ slides, these results are shown here in the i2k template.

research examples

time needed*/ budget

other expenses

sources used

output format

document link

Private branding at drug store chain in Germany

2,5 h / 250.- €

70.- € for press articles Genios, LexisNexis,
English summary with original press articles dm private brands beauty category
Toshiba Medical Systems company profile

2 h / 200.- €

none websites, IR presentations, annual reports, Factiva PowerPoint slides Toshiba Medical Systems
Summary on pharma sales force regulation in Scandinavia

2,5 h / 250.- €

none Internet, associations of pharmaceutical industry English summary slides (Power Point)
plus original directives
Pharma sales force regulation Scandinavia
Number of ophthalmologists performing intravitreal injections (Glaskörperinjektionen)

1 h / 100.- €

none Internet, telephone interview Word summary Intravitreal Injections
Frozen Food: Aldi Market Share/ Germany

1,5 / 150.- €

60.- € for press articles LexisNexis German/English sources English summary with original press articles Aldi frozen food Germany
Identify market reports on chemical catalysts (petrochemical / refinery catalysts)

1 h / 100.- €

none Profound List of relevant tables of content in Word-file Chemical Catalysts

Strategy for Stiegl brewery, Salzburg

2 h / 190.- €

70.- € for press articles LexisNexis German press / Genios Austrian newspapers English summary with original press articles Strategy Stiegl brewery

* hourly rate: 100.- €, excluding VAT