What we do

As business researchers/ market analysts we support our clients

  • in finding specific information about companies, markets, the economy, regulation etc.
  • with organizing / analyzing the information and incorporating the results in slides /templates.


  1. We discuss, analyze & define the required information with the clients.
  2. Once the scope is set we use sources like professional databases, expert interviews and the internet to compile available facts/ information (statistics, articles, reports etc. both from free and paid sources).
  3. We incorporate the results in Powerpoint-slides, Excel-worksheets or in other templates. Alternatively we provide “fast facts” and lists of relevant market research reports, articles etc. available for purchase.

In other words: i2k finds the information from trusted sources and data providers.

  • The client decides what to use / purchase and we work it into the presentation.
  • OR the client decides what to use / purchase.  The information is incorporated in the presentation by the clients team.

Here’s an example of how we could support you.

Office location in BeNeLux

  1. Economic data and trends for three countries
  2. Rankings for target client industries in these countries
  3. Salaries and rents for a few cities in each country

We can deliver the finished presentation:

  • The data that we collect for you is already incorporated in your slides.
  • The back-up materials will be included for further reading or fact-checking.
  • Let us have the scope, deadline and the necessary budget – and consider it done.

With a limited budget, we will:

  • Research relevant information and possible sources.
  • Organize facts on the economy, salaries and rents from free data sources. Provide a list including pricing and other pertinent details for additional paid sources.
  • Provide rankings /possible sources for top banks and insurance companies (free + paid sources, same as above).