Why we are different

  • Each of us has around 20 years of research experience in the environment of leading strategic management consulting companies and as an independent information broker.
  • We currently work for three of the top ten strategy consulting companies in Germany (for the German and also for select European offices).
  • We believe that the client relationship in our field needs to be based on trust and confidentiality.
  • We take each request as a challenge to find exactly what our client is looking for.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of relevant information resources on various markets and subject areas enables us to carry out research on diverse topics. In the past we have looked into the ketchup market in Ukraine, money changers in India, the cement industry in Morocco, royal families in the Gulf region, the legislative process in the EU, distribution of wheel chairs in Switzerland and “everything” about the German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.
  • We have access to a portfolio of databases and proven data resources around the world which we use for research that goes “beyond-Google”.
  • As creative researchers we think out-of-the-box. When the request calls for it we venture off the beaten track. For example we set up discussions with doctors in UK who are diabetes exprerts using LinkedIn and performed mystery shopping.
  • Using our expertise in research we wrote the book “Handbuch Wirtschaftsinformation”. It includes metholodgy, sources and real life examples about finding business information in Germany. Springer (Heidelberg), published two editions in German in 2003 and 2004. We updated information sources and selected other parts of the original book on the website www.information4competitiveintelligence.de.  Both publications are only available in German at this point.

All this makes i2k the perfect partner for key decision makers seeking support with their information research and analysis – in Germany and elsewhere.